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Pamela Scott Says No to Fur, 27 Feb 09
The Flairline Fashions Group was welcomed to join the Fur Free Shopping Program by animal rights group ALiberation. [...]
Pamela Scott Press Release, Feb 09
This Saturday an event will be held outside of Pamela Scott on Grafton Street, Dublin to urge the Flairline Fashions Group to stop selling animal fur. [...]
Pamela Scott Action Alert
Please ask the Flairline Fashions Group to go Fur Free in all their outlets.
Pamela Scott suspended for a week
Last Friday ALiberation continued the Flairline Fashions Group Fur Free Campaign at the Pamela Scott Ski store [...]


Support Lush's fabulous Mrs Fox!

Lush Cosmetics Launches Campaign Against Fox Hunting; in Support of the Association of Hunt Saboteurs. [...]
News of the Week, April 2010.

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3. A Shock of Reality.

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Flairline Fashions Group

The Flairline Fashions Group’s portfolio of stores includes Richard Alan, Ashley Reeves, Laura Perkins, Pamela Scott and Pamela Scott Ski.

In 2007, just before Christmas, ALiberation launched this campaign. Shortly afterwards, we received a phone call from the chief purchasing director of the Flairline Fashions Group giving his word that they would become fur free in the new year (2008) and would commit to signing a fur free policy stating the same.

Some of the animal fur was removed then from their more high profile stores. However they continued to sell animal fur citing various different reasons for not signing a policy but assuring ALiberation each time they would and they would also stop selling animal fur each time.

After contacting them by letter, emails and phone calls on many occasions, it is hard to believe that the Flairline Fashions Group are now serious about going fur free. This year alone, there was more animal fur seen in the Pamela Scott Ski store than when the campaign was launched.

◄ Campaign relaunched ►

On Saturday 14th of February 09, ALiberation relaunched the campaign to urge the Flairline Fashions Group to go fur free. The response was brilliant. There was a lot of support and shock from the public that the group would sell animal fur.

We focused on Pamela Scott in Grafton St and Pamela Scott Ski on South William St. We began with Pamela Scott on Grafton St at 2pm where campaigners held placards, distributed leaflets and ran an info table that gave the public the chance to express their opinions by signing petitions, asking the shop to go fur free. After 3pm some campaigners moved over to Pamela Scott Ski till 4.15pm.

The response from the two different shops was expected considering the nature of this campaign to date. So when we spoke to the manager of the Pamela Scott she was not pleased. But when we spoke to the manager and staff of Pamela Scott Ski, we were invited in to look around the store for animal fur. We did and were not surprised when there was none here.

Pamela Scott Ski sold fur trimmed jackets made from foxes and rabbits as recently as early February 2009. Fur was on sale even a few days before the campaign was relaunched, as the store was checked by ALiberation members. They have now removed it, whether it is the end of the animal fur selling season or more likely, after being advised a fur free campaign would visit them.

If the Flairline Fashions Group persists in supporting the animal fur industry, then we’ll see them next Friday.

If they are serious about going fur free then sign a fur free policy committing never again to sell/promote/store/buy or associate with the animal fur industry.

    Pamela Scott, Grafton St, Dublin 2.
    Pamela Scott Ski, South William Street,Dublin 2.

◄ References ►

  1. Shops Selling Fur Sept 08- March 09:
    Pamela Scott Ski sells Rabbit and Fox fur trimmed garments.
  2. Shops Selling Fur Sept 07- March 08:
    Pamela Scott sells Rabbit fur trimmed garments.
    Pamela Scott Ski sells Rabbit, raccoon dog fur trimmed garments.
    Richard Alan sells Rabbit fur trimmed garments.
  3. Flairline Fashions Leaflet FRONT:
    Pamela Scott Ski sells fur.
  4. Flairline Fashions Leaflet BACK:
    Pamela Scott Ski sells fur.
  5. Vegaplanet Gallery:
    View more pictures of the campaigns event.

◄ March 09: Campaign ended ►

27 of Feb 2009: Flairline Fashions Group joins ALiberation Fur Free Shopping Program.
The fur free program is for all time and includes rabbits and karakul lambs. The program began on March 1st 2009.

Please View the Fur Free policy.

Read our Press Release: Flairline Fashions say no to Animal Fur on Vegaplanet.

◄ Gallery ►

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