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News of the Week, April 2010.

In This edition:

1. Video: Hare Dying in Hare Coursing!

2. The Ban Irish Fur Farms Campaign reaches the 10,000 signatures!

3. A Shock of Reality.

4. Barnardo Furriers court case fails again (Part 1) – 3 Court Cases, 3 Vindications. Part 1

5. Barnardo Furriers court case fails again (Part 2) – A Camera that Saw too much !

6. ALiberation now on facebook

Sample Letter

Sample Letter to Minister of Agriculture Simon Coveney.

Email address:

Mr. Simon Coveney (Fine Gael), Minister for Agriculture, Food and Fisheries.
Leinster House
Kildare St
Dublin 2.

Dear Minister Coveney,

I see from the “Government Legislation Programme for Summer Session 2011” section B titled “Bills in respect of which heads have been agreed and texts are being drafted” that the Animal Health and Welfare Bill will include a ban on fur farming.

This states that:
“Animal Health and Welfare Bill: To consolidate and update existing legislation in the areas of animal health and welfare, including the repeal of several extant statutes, the responsibility for the welfare of all animals within the Department and to ban fur farming” (

Please ensure that this happens as quickly as possible and that this ban occurs from the end of 2012 if not early.

The Fur industry is based on animal exploitation and is a rights violation. I would urge you in your position of Minister of Agriculture to use all of your influence to help stop this now.

I fully support that fur factory farming and the fur trade should be outlawed on the grounds of cruelty to animals and rights violations. Keeping an animal trapped in a small wire mesh cage for their entire life until they are killed by anal electrocution or gassing is not acceptable and should end immediately. Pretending our weak animal welfare laws are appropriate will not ensure this exploitation ceases. Only outlawing fur factory farming and the fur trade will. Please give this matter your full attention. I will look forward to your reply.

Yours Sincerely,

◄ Letter to download and send ►

This sheet contains two letters, one for the Labour Party and a second one for the Minister of Agriculture.

Please print this letter, fill in the required info, cut in two and send to both parties.

Ban Irish Fur Farms letter: Resources.

◄ The Fur industry ►

For more info about the fur industry, read:
Introduction to the fur industry.

◄ The Skin industry ►

We also educate the public against the use of nonhuman animals for their skins, and promote vegan shoes.
For more info about the skin/leather industry and where to get vegan shoes, read:
Nonhuman skin.
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