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You'll find here a collection of leaflets
we encourage you to print & spread as much as possible..
Stay tuned!

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Leather_Stickers.pdf 07-Jan-2009 14:20 425KAcrobat printable file
Leather_Stickers.psd 07-Jan-2009 14:21 1.9MPhotoshop project file
Leather_Stickers2.pdf 07-Jan-2009 14:38 167KAcrobat printable file
Leather_Stickers2.psd 07-Jan-2009 14:40 2.4MPhotoshop project file
NonLeather_Poster_A2.jpg 07-Jan-2009 16:09 1.5M 
NonLeather_Poster_A2.pdf 07-Jan-2009 16:14 2.5MAcrobat printable file
NonLeather_Poster_A2.psd 07-Jan-2009 16:20 17MPhotoshop project file
preview.jpg 14-Mar-2008 16:38 26K 
Vegetarian-Shoes-105x37.25.psd 14-Mar-2008 15:51 1.3MPhotoshop project file
Vegetarian-Shoes-A4x16-300dpi.pdf 14-Mar-2008 15:52 2.5MAcrobat printable file

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